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I purchased two library embossers from Acorn Sales Co (President Adam Raidabaugh) on Nov. 16, 2010. Upon receiving them, I noticed that they did not make an even imprint on paper. After examining them, I noticed that the embossing seals were off-centered which caused the imprint to make uneven impressions.

After several attempts to contact Adam, I finally got an response email from him. He asked me to send them back to him. I paid for postage to send them back.

After two weeks, I had to reach out to Adam again to see if he was going to fix the off-centered embossers. He told me that they were working fine that he is going to return them. I told him that they are not fine, since the embossing seals are off-centered and created an uneven imprint.

In the end, I am out $90 and have two library embossers that do not work properly.

I recommend that you proceed with caution when dealing with Acorn Sales Co and Adam Raidabaugh

Acorn Sales Company

1506 Tomlyn St.

Richmond, VA 23230


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the quality of their products are subpar and they dont stand behind them either


i ordered a embosser from this company once.the impression things were off centered too.

they told me that it was fine and that i would not get a refund.needless to say, i will never do business with this compnay again.

Broussard, Louisiana, United States #235385

Just curious Fred...why do you feel it is a frivolous claim?

Also, if you had the embosser in possession since the customer returned it, why not just redo the embossing seals so they are centered?

The reason I ask is because I had this issue with my embosser (from a different company) and they had to redo the seals to center them as well.


In reference to this case we had worked with this claimant where he had stated that the embossing seals were not centered and not making a uniform impression. We had issued Mr. Dean Kim a return merchandise authorization where he did return the seals for evaluation.

Upon evaluation of the units our repair technician found that both units were aligned properly and were well within industry standards for embossing seals both leaving more than satisfactory imprints.

We are a little concerned that this complaint might be of a frivolous nature since both products were custom made and manufactured to the customer’s detailed instructions and there is nothing more that can be done with the units. Once a product has been tested and verified that it is working correctly by our company we can not assume any liabilities for the customers use or misuse of the device.

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